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Kitty Cat Poems

by Crystalwizard

Kitty Cat Weather

It’s kitty cat weather.
The moon is shining bright.
The evening is quite balmy.
There’s not a cloud in sight.

It’s kitty cat weather.
They’re prowling on the fence.
They’re singing ‘neath my window.
Their cries are quite intense.

It’s kitty cat weather.
The night has come alive.
There’ll be kittens in a few weeks.
Just as summer does arrive.

It’s kitty cat weather.
With golden eyes they stare.
Streaks of shadow in the darkness.
On their way to who knows where.

It’s kitty cat weather.
It comes this time of year.
As dependable as clockwork.
So my darling please don’t fear.

It’s kitty cat weather.
Now close your tiny eyes.
And drift along to dreamland.
While the kitties fill the skies.

* * *

Chocolate Cat




Little chocolate cat,
With a soft furry head.
And small dainty feet,
Curled up on my bed.

A chocolate cat,
With delicate ears,
A soft rumbling purr,
Assuaging my fears.

In the dark of night,
When I am alone.
This chocolate cat,
Lets it be known.

That chocolate cats,
Are fluffy and warm.
When they curl up tightly,
And sleep on your arm.

My chocolate cat,
She’s a dark Siamese.
A live cup of Cocoa,
Without any fleas.

If you are alone,
In the dark of the night.
Get a chocolate cat,
And things will be right.

* * *

Little Charley Thornpaws


Little Charley Thornpaws got stuck to a mat,
Little Charley Thornpaws caught a mouse and a bat.
Little Charley Thornpaws snagged my pants and a sock.
Little Charley Thornpaws likes to roam ‘cross my block.
Little Charley Thornpaws hunts the eggs on my plate.
Little Charley Thornpaws, in the dark she does wait.
Little Charley Thornpaws likes to jump on my bed.
Little Charley Thornpaws demands to be fed.
Little Charley Thornpaws, what a cool little cat.
Little Charley Thornpaws... asleep on my hat!

* * *



They stand at the door.
Two sets of golden eyes, staring into the darkness.
Ears twitching,
Tail tips curled loosely.
Whiskers at attention.
They stand, peering out at the night, scenting.
Out the door!
Gone, vanished into the shadows!
Dead mice on my doorstep in the morning.
A present.

* * *

Shadows of Silver


Shadows of silver,
Streaks of Light,
Puffs of fuzzy, furry white.
Feather-light touch,
Graceful and free.
Cats in the dark
sitting up in a tree.

Copyright © 2007 by Crystalwizard

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