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by Rose Loya

Shuck your wielding flights of fancy,
cool your heels,
blow off your pansies...
remember your love, she gives
you her soul, that is, if you live.

Call off comrades, cool their daggers,
better off, you’ll move and swagger
in a more appropriate way,
freer now,
that’s what they say.

If you come back with your eyes,
if you come back telling lies
about what you had to do,
it’s OK, God’s glad for you.

Luck to shield you, fight those lassies,
think they’re men
but wear pink panties,
remember your girl, she gives
you undying love, must live.

Wall of comrades, pull their daggers,
better off for you, their swagger
is a more appropriate way
to free now,
that’s what they say.

But when you come back, hide your eyes
from your conscience, tell those lies
to yourself, you had to, you,
it’s OK, we’re bad with you.

Shuck your steely plights,
no fancy,
flying wheels
‘cause they’re for pansies.
Don’t forget your love, she is
waiting for you, prays you live...

So fall off comrades, steal their daggers,
better off for you, the swagger
isn’t an appropriate way
to get free.
Who cares, she’ll say

Just please come back, hide your eyes,
when you do, we’ll tell those lies
to your conscience. We have to,
we’ll survive the sad in you

And pluck the flowers
back to life.
Please, baby, we’ll try and fight
and live the life we’re meant to live.

Please come back, so we can live.

Copyright © 2007 by Rose Loya

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