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A Corner Turned

by Duane Locke

A corner turned,
His shadow
Became ashes,
Blew over the cobblestones,
The shadow
Had lost the fire of the body.
He had just slipped out
Of a museum,
Was looking for a commentary.

He was a veteran
Of the Crimean
And Seminole wars.
He had lost his
Memory of which side
He was fighting on,
He had a medal
From all four sides,
The Seminole medals
Were arrow heads
And alligator skins.

In his retirement home
He listened for a chopping wood sound,
It is the sound
That the hooves of horses make.
He had opened all blinds,
Watched for the Calvary.
The Calvary
Would bring a commentary
On the Pop Art show.

Copyright © 2007 by Duane Locke

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