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What’s in Issue 236

Novel Michael E. Lloyd, Observation Two: Standing Divided
Chapter 24: The Bridge, part 1 — Kristy and Raymond do their best to persuade the financiers to see sense, and the junior team is coming together again.
Chapter 24: part 2 — There’s time for a little breather while bigger games are played out. Maelene and Toni are just happy to be reunited, but Salvatore is brimming with incautious ideas.
Chapter 25: Plane Sailing, part 1 — Salvatore takes Toni on the trip of a lifetime.
Serials Princess Rhiannon finally makes a powerful noble turn his attention to business, but Rhiannon needs Rosalyn, who is unaccountably missing: Rachel Parsons, The Year of the Dead Rose, chapter 2; chapter 3; chapter 4.

New contributor Luke Boyd introduces a policeman whose life seems to be winding down in an inextricable tangle of Apparitions, part 1; part 2; part 3.
‘Follow mother and learn all there is to know of toxin and despair’: Byron Bailey, The Stinging, part 1; conclusion.

Can crime be made to pay by manipulating Mother Nature? B J Bourg, Bear Illegal.

Stryker the dragon flies off to see what’s up with human intruders and maybe have a little fun: Crystalwizard, Stryker’s Tail.

New contributor Eric J Kregel introduces a clairvoyant who can tell us exactly what is The Trouble with Sitting, part 1; conclusion.
The next time you get lost in the jungle, make sure to take your calorie guide along: Katherine Allen, For Want of a Mango.

A little boy takes a subway to a place where his religious tokens will be of no use to him: Germán Amatto, Cardboard Heart — Spanish original: Corazón de cartulina.

New contributor Karen Bradley shows what happens when Heaven experiences A Breach in Interdimensional Security.
Poetry Michael Lee Johnson, In This Place, Poverty Falls
Mary B. McArdle, Ribbons
Anna Ruiz, The Three Bears
New contributor Jean-Michel Calvez, Afterland — French original: Afterland


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Luke Boyd, Karen Bradley, Jean-Michel Calvez, and Eric J Kregel.
Donald Schneider reviews Carmen Ruggero’s “Last Tango on a Wintry Day”
Challenge Challenge 236 examines comedy and tragedy At Winter’s End.
Challenge Contest: The Mad Store Scene
Letters David Ford praises Crystalwizard’s Wizard’s Bane.
Carmen Ruggero responds concerning “Martin Fierro”
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“Poems are not made with ideas; they are made with words.” — Stéphane Mallarmé
Ars longa, vita brevis. Rough translation: “Proofreading never ends.”

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