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Northern Light

by Nigel Bruton

Mystery woman of northern spires
Fills the soul with man’s desires
Creeps through sleepy rolling eyes
And whiles away the daylight skies

By secret words mixed into one
Her glow will match the burning sun
Through time and space and night and day
Her spell will cast a long long way

Until the one she’s aiming for
Opens up the mystery door
Deep and long her spell shall mark
The magic in the blood so dark

Condensed forever in her hand
Timeless love in a grain of sand
Sweetly so she’ll pass it over
Under covers and in the clover

But now she’s gone the door is closed
Just a dream he must suppose
And as he ponders on the yearning
Lingering love’s dark mark is burning

But though the feeling will thin with time
And life’s routines will dull the mind
His heart and soul will remember when
The mystery woman danced with him.

Copyright © 2007 by Nigel Bruton

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