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The Poet’s Lament

by Crystalwizard

The lights are off,
The house is still,
I’m headed off to bed.

The blanket’s soft,
The pillow’s deep,
Soon dreams will fill my head.

But first there comes
A tip-toeing
A teasing little rhyme.

A single word
Resolves itself
With meter and with time.

Oh Pox! I snarl,
Oh go away!
Why is it every night

That just as soon
As I settle down
I get the urge to write?

I get back up,
Turn on the lights
And sit down at my desk.

The words which filled
My thoughts and mind,
Now laugh at me in jest.

My mind’s gone blank!
I’ve lost it all!
I stare off into space.

There’s nothing there,
The ink has gone,
Just silence in its place.

I’m too awake
For sleep or dreams.
I’m too asleep to think.

This curse which lurks
Within the dark
Has driven me to drink!

Copyright © 2007 by Crystalwizard

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