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by Doug Pugh

Cliff’s edge,
As I wander from security
Of the teddy bear smiles of yesterday:
Long ago,
Not forgotten, but not seen
For what they were.

Then I found
That coming back
From somewhere I hadn’t been
Made walking different,
My stride out,
Yesterday’s feet not fitting
Today’s shoes.

But while I wondered
And looked at shoes
And feet, toes, and blisters,
Trying to make sense
Of simple things
In bewildering complexity,
I remembered
That you do not
Walk backwards.

You walk instead
With the smiles of yesterday
In your pocket;
A comfort when you need
Familiar curves
And anchors
For tomorrow’s dawn, tomorrow’s tread,
Enjoying the view of now
And the sunshine
Over the next brow
Without wrinkles
From yesterday’s worries.

Copyright © 2007 by Doug Pugh

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