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The Bewildering Stories
Holiday Song, 2006

by Michael E. Lloyd

On the 7th day before Christmas,
The Index shows to me ...

858 shortish stories
385 poignant poems
213 flashy fictions
79 sinewy serials
62 artful articles
57 erudite essays
47 airy artworks
21 nice novellas
19 notable novels
18 deep discussions
10 illuminating interviews
10 nimble novelettes
6 daring dramas
4 memorable memoirs
4 alternate histories
4 special features
3 future histories
1 hyperfiction
1 happy humor
1 illustrated fiction
1 fictional memoir
and an “unclassified” just for free!

And a whole bunch of ripping reviews that live in a separate Index.

To save you doing the math, that makes 1,805 titles in 4½ years.
Bravo, Don and Jerry!

And Merry Christmas everybody!

Not Scrooge

Copyright © 2006 by Michael E. Lloyd

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