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Eyes of the Raven

by Carmen Ruggero

We know what rain feels like. Tears from heaven,
shed by Him, for us, such blessing — vernal.
Earth nourished, yet we live like the raven,
eyes keen on our neighbor’s wasted kernel.

Feet are for walking, arms hold, hands caress.
Body parts! Eyes to see; ears to hear; mouth,
to speak; brain, to think! Cipher logic, no less.
Yet we travel north seeking to find south.

We know those body parts. How to find them,
define, use them. But deeper yet, within,
seldom touched is the mind, the hidden gem,
unseen, untapped, below layers of skin.

Mind: our one, direct link to the Heavens,
yet we seek our food, as does the raven?

Copyright © 2006 by Carmen Ruggero

[Author’s note: Her Eyes to Her God by Richard Vallance — Thanks for the inspiration.]

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