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Rummy Park, 51
(Indian Summer)

by Rebecca Lu Kiernan

Dog star blush
Panicked in pink
Against the hunter's bow

Our sheets are warm
As june sea foam
Though it’s seventeen below,
A paralysis of snow,
Tumbleweed pillows,
Ghost town gunslingers,
Fingers twitching on pearl triggers.

Shadow of pterodactyl,
Lightning red rain of frogs,
Nothing unlocks our eyes,
Then wolf song,
Premeditated love.
You are summer
With chrysanthemums at your heels,
Rabbits in your weeds,
Blue jays in your crooked trees
Weaving fragile bassinettes
Of blue serrated leaves,
Cannibals that do not know
How far the hands of winter will go.

Copyright © 2006 by Rebecca Lu Kiernan

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