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The Animals’ Conference

by Anna Ruiz

It is written in the very near future that mankind has some sort of awakening, and the animals converge on a sacred clearing to tell how mankind has risen above his need to be greater than God and his fellow man.

The bear spoke thus: “I know that man has always been capable of great strength, and the greater strength was in himself and in not discarding it in places where it would do great harm.”

The owl spoke next and added, “Well, I always knew they’d understand Who was really behind any of their names and faces. And I might add, none to soon.”

The beaver interrupted: “I showed them my diligence all these years, knowing just when to hold up something for the greater good, not to act in haste.”

The eagle flew by, and his keen eye showed all flightless creatures how good it is to soar and encompass the world.

The deer walked to the center and spoke: “It is with grace and elegance that the center is found, a place where everything is heard in silence.”

The otter chimed in: “I tried to be of service; the natural joy of being an otter was just the right thing they finally noticed.”

The birds sang in chorus: “They finally heard all our singing in the One song, the song of Gaia’s praise.”

The elephant shook his trunk and said, “They’ve been trying to figure out what I am all these years, like a blind man. I am an elephant, and it was enough, they said.”

The alligator added, “Fear was their way of swimming in their rivers, and now they know that to swim downstream is never to know fear.”

The mouse awoke from her nap and asked, “Remember when I scared the elephant?” All the animals laughed at this thought.

And the black cat spoke “I was considered sacred once, and now they no longer burn witches.”

The dog cleared his throat and said, “Amen, I have been their best friend all these years and I think they finally figured out friendship at my side, and friendship is as friendship does, is it not?”

The group became absolutely silent as the snake slithered in to speak. “Man blamed me as the cause of their woes. That was the first step. Then they saw for themselves that I was not to blame, and that was the second step.”

The trees and the sky and winds acknowledged this tale with their chorus of existence, the ocean leapt in waves of joy, the wolf howled and howled at the moon... and the sun came out and winked.

Copyright © 2006 by Anna Ruiz

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