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What’s in Issue 211

Contest Bewildering Stories’ Contest 3, “Strange Places,” is now open.
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Novel Saul returns to his apartment with Toven. Howie drops in for a visit but for some reason cannot see the ring that Toven is wearing: Tamara Sheehan, Tenth Man: chapter 10; chapter 11; chapter 12.
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Serial New contributor Bosley Gravel introduces us to five brothers in search of a mystic Wheel. When a strange friend arrives, they tend to his wounds: Shree Sevlanti and the Numinous Lake part I, installment 1; installment 2.
New contributor J. R. Blackwell brings Matthias back at the summons of his old teacher, Aupta. In a strange way he becomes her mentor: Springtime on the Mountain.

New contributor Sarah Downey depicts an obsessed man on the road, fleeing his compulsion: Silly Sally.

Do dogs have souls? The sure do have personalities: Darby Mitchell, Bo Peep II and the Universal Law of Karma, part 1; conclusion.

Celebrity is a status to be sought and avoided at the same time: Mark Spencer, The Death of Elvis.
What price war? Daniel Dives, Dogwood Blossom.

New contributor Christopher Stires shows how everyday reality looks to the paranoid: Waiting....
Poetry Donna Gagnon, Instructions
Michael E. Lloyd, Never Alone
John Stocks, Dreaming of Nina, First Lady of Fitzrovia
Memoir Deep Bora takes to the foothills of the Himalayas to escape the Sultry Summer Heat.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes J. R. Blackwell, Sarah Downey, Bosley Gravel, and Christopher Stires.
Challenge Jean Goldstrom responds to Challenge 209.
Challenge 211 has questions for Dear Abby Normal.
The Grammar
Bewildering Stories goes gung ho about tense sequence: If I Would’ve, I Could’ve.
Letters S. Michael Leier writes about The Writers’ School.
A reader gets some tips on Exploring the Website.
The Art
Christine Bruness, Dancers | Frida | Night of the Angels
NASA: Picture of the Day
The Reading
Excerpt: Martin Green, Collected Stories: Dog Barking
Editorial Jerry Wright, Apologies

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