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Bewildering Stories Editorial

by Jerry Wright

Multiple Hats... Or Multiple Heads?

I'm writing this right now (at 10:25 Pacific) after a long drawn out struggle with a recalcitrant mail server. AH... I'm back. ANd the mail server has been forced into submission, and I just had some cheese, Grommit.

I love computers. Except when I hate them. Yep, kinda typical. Anyway, aside from teaching classes in electrical safety, I also take care of the physical home for Bewildering Stories, as well as mail and webservers for a small ISP, and on top of that, act as engineer for an outfit that streams Bluegrass (and is now trying to stream video. Yes... Remember the bluegrass website that ate BwS a while back? Yep. Mea culpa. Sigh.


And on top of that I'm head down in copy-editing three novels. But hey, it should be fun. At least we hope so.

Heading into Political Land, a comment by a fellow named Jack Oakes struck me:

The nation is afflicted by two loathsome classes of people: "the takers" and the "gimme people." The Republican constituency is "the takers." The Democrats represent the "gimme people." Today's politics consist of pandering to one group or the other, with the rest of us getting screwed by both. No wonder the United States is becoming a failed nation and a menace to peace, prosperity, human rights and the environment. There is no sustaining vision of what a good society should be and no will to achieve it.

Oh well. Massively simplistic, yet oh so tasty. And I need to write a comment about Kevin Ahearn’s letter. I know he misses SciFiction, but the loss of the magazine had little if anything to do with the number of readers. At least according to my research. New bosses and new (cheesy) directions...

Well it is after midnight, and my head would like to explode. I'll do the book review tomorrow. ...Night all...

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