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Contest Bewildering Stories’ Contest 3, “Strange Places,” is now open.
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Novel Saul Hornsby, the last magician in Verusa, is on the run from the police and from Audel, owner of the city’s war-golem factory. Audel finds Saul and makes an offer Saul can’t refuse: Tamara Sheehan, Tenth Man : chapter 1; chapter 2; chapter 3.
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On a seemingly paradisical planet, exploration team commander Oscar Atoca senses a call: ‘Take the fruit but spare the root.’ He seems to be the only one who hears it: Bill Bowler, Significant Other, part 1; conclusion.

New contributor C. A. Cole makes one wonder how soon the present will become history with The Ineffableness of Non-Genetic Inheritance.

Is it a delusion that life and history are zero-sum games? Jörn Grote, Something for Nothing.

New contributor Edward Morris gives the account of Stepan Kavarovic, an émigré from Bratislava. Stepan is not the alien; the whole world is: Blue Monday, part 1; conclusion.

Merlin prepares to repel the Saxon invaders with culinary warfare: Doug Pugh, Trapped, part 1; conclusion.

Senior Master Sergeant Ron Murray reaches retirement after thirty-one long years in an ultra top-secret position: Catfish Russ, Retirement Day, part 1; conclusion.

Why are Big Foot, Elvis, J. D. Salinger, and Mark Spencer in hiding? Elly Mae is the answer: Why Big Foot is a Recluse.

Major Judith Saul goes to rescue a fellow astronaut from a wormhole, but Danae, her AI, gets a little too cozy: E. S. Strout, Inside Out.
In wagering with the Devil, even winning is losing: John D. Ritchie, Heart’s Desire.
Poetry Anna Ruiz, Picasso
Rebecca Lu Kiernan, The Rain Said Your Name
Article Louise Norlie, Existential Sadness in H. P. Lovecraft’s “The Outsider”


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes C. A. Cole and Edward Morris.
Discussion Kevin Ahearn and Bill Bowler discuss Supply and Demand in Science Fiction.
Challenge Challenge 208 engages in Reclamation.
The Art
A randomly rotating selection of Bewildering Stories’ art
The Reading
S. Michael Leier: film review, Penny Serenade
Jerry Wright reviews (coming soon)
Editorial Jerry Wright, Multiple Hats...

Bewildering Stories News

Contests: We have two contests opening in this issue: in addition to Contest 3, which is a writing contest, Tamara Sheehan announces a reading contest for Tenth Man, with gift certificates as prizes. Bewildering Stories offers fortune to our readers as well as fame to our writers!

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