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Finished Yet?

by Anna Ruiz

take a little quark here add a little black hole
and mix together to form
a soul, recite some squiggly lines and threads
add an equation or two or three
take a text book and professor of honorary status
eliminate the middle man, the human mind
string along some flaring in the positing of electronic
firings in the chemical balances irradiating nucleic DNA,
the absolute zero of an Advanced Light Source,
formulate a mobile team comprised of 240
a wave-particle duality, Ha Ha!
the inherent problems of a black body radiation
causing a photoelectric effect
effectively scattering Compton,
which boggles de Broglie waves

Damn! the Uncertainty Principle Strikes Again!

problematic, schizoidmatic chasm
now introduce Quantization in One dimension
and superposition in Two dimensions,
Spin 1/2,
an inherently random non-continuous energy
a small discrete unit in a message
the atomic world is like NOTHING like
the world we live in

Finished Yet?

Copyright © 2006 by Anna Ruiz

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