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What’s in Issue 207

Novella Cat Daniels accidentally drops a clue, and the whole mystery begins to unravel on a dark and stormy Halloween night: Jeani Rector, The Unmarked Grave, chapter 9; chapter 10; conclusion.
What if self-styled ‘advanced civilizations’ look upon others as a kind of cosmic ‘slush pile’ and won’t give your civilization the time of day? Do like Bewildering Stories and build your own! Jörn Grote, Getting Attention.

New contributor Laurel Hickey notes that we are our memories. What if we were everyone’s memories? Leaves of Glass.

A witch’s victim brews a cup of comeuppance: Sean Hower, Over a Cup of Coffee.

When space aliens conquer Earth, they can be resisted — unless the occupiers use the most horrific weapon imaginable: Harry Lang, The Good Doctor.

An elderly couple head for retirement on Mars and for the first time, it seems, really begin to talk to each another: Michael Mathews, The Snowbirds.

It’s said that you know you’re old when you feel like you’re having breakfast every fifteen minutes. Beware, then, of exploring a planet where time moves a lot faster than that: Geoff Nelder, What Kept You? part 1; conclusion.

A Russian gentleman and his dog lead a secret life: Mark Spencer, The Gentleman with the Dog.
New contributor J. Marcus Weekley has Tom offer Chrissy a penny for her thoughts. Who has cash surrealistic enough to pay Tom for his? Escaping Intact.
Memoir Fate can be cruel, especially to the young, and yet some may be fortunate enough to escape it — before they are ‘disappeared’: Carmen Ruggero, Last Tango on a Wintry Day, part 1; conclusion.
Poetry Anna Ruiz, Finished Yet?
New contributor Sharon M. White, Birth of Man
New contributor Christine Bruness, haiku
New contributor Samantha Enns, Coincide


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Christine Bruness, Samantha Enns, Laurel Hickey, J. Marcus Weekley, and Sharon M. White.
Discussion euhal allen, Jerry Wright and Don Webb discuss Heinlein’s Characters.
The Critics’
An explication of Doug Pugh’s “Clocktower Winds”
Challenge Challenge 207 listens and looks: Sights and Sounds.
The Art
Christine Bruness, Water Fairy; Electric Love
The Reading
Clyde Andrews reviews Marie Brennan, Doppelganger.
Jerry Wright reviews Karl Schroeder, Lady of Mazes.
Editorial Jerry Wright, Out of Time and Space

Bewildering Stories Note

Art Gallery: Please note that the Art Gallery is different in this issue: it has an acrylic painting and a collage by new contributor Christine Bruness.

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