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Novella New contributor Jeani Rector introduces Cat Daniels, a girl who has the instincts of a born detective: The Unmarked Grave, chapter 1; Chapter 2: part 1, part 2; Chapter 3.
New contributor Taylor Collier introduces us to the local strange folk. Whoever — or whatever — they may be, and wherever they may be from, you do not want to meet them even on a bright and non-stormy day: The Pickfords.

People often get emotionally attached to their homes. What if their homes felt the same way? Sean Hower, Stray Attachments, part 1; conclusion.

New contributor Randall Lahrman tells of young Steven who goes to his teacher Janstein’s home for private lessons in painting. He’ll get much more than he could ever have expected: Janstein’s Subject.

Walter Branigan wants to save his father, but he must calculate the cost: S. Michael Leier, Project Gateway, part 1; conclusion.

What does an editor do when a reclusive poet is reluctant to be interviewed? Invite her over for lunch: Steven C. Levi, Poetry With Eight Feet.

New contributor Tim Simmons shows the clash of two cultures that are literally worlds apart — and yet make the same mistakes: The Sign of the Cross.

No one would ever confuse political promises and posturing with a formal contract. But as the saying goes, never say ‘never’: Lewayne L. White, Without Understanding.
Is a strange antiquarian a spy from ancient Egypt? Brent Powers, Out of Egypt.

What does the legend of the succubus tells us about appearances? Gloria Watts, She.
Poetry Rebecca Lu Kiernan, Rummy Park, He Never Spoke
Short Poetry New contributor Pete Lee, Bonsai
Memoir New contributor Artie Knapp remembers his grandmother: Two Crows for an Empty Feeling.
Eulogy Kevin Ahearn writes an obituary for The late Jim Baen.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Taylor Collier, Artie Knapp, Randall Lahrman, Pete Lee, Jeani Rector, and Tim Simmons.
The Critics’
Philip Knight and Mark Koerner discuss Generation Ships: Bore or Blast?
Lewayne L. White and Don Webb discuss The Politics of “Without Understanding”
Challenge Carmen Ruggero and Don Webb discuss Challenge 203.
Challenge 204 questions Fate and Fallacies.
The Art
A randomly rotating selection of Bewildering Stories’ art
The Reading
Clyde Andrews reviews Robert A. Heinlein, The Cat Who Walks Through Walls.
Jerry Wright reviews Daniel H.Wilson's How To Survive a Robot Uprising
Editorial Jerry Wright, Oh Really?

Bewildering Stories News

Links page: Our Links page index has been reformatted. The page contains new additions, notably Duotrope’s Digest, which accepts feedback from contributors.

Poetry: This issue inaugurates a new index category: “Short Poetry.” It extends an official welcome to such poems as haiku, senryu and Fibonacci as well as to others unclassifiable by form. As in distinguishing between short stories and flash fiction, any definition will be arbitrary. Let’s say “short” is anything 12 lines or less in length, which leaves sonnets and longer poems in the general “Poetry” category.

Short poems will be evaluated separately from longer ones for the purposes of the Quarterly Reviews, but the Reviews will list all selections under the general heading “Poetry.” The category “Prose Poetry” will still be used when the opportunity arises.

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