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Frog’s Tale

by Anna Ruiz

I awaken this side of eternity
notice the time is now,
and wonder what time it is
on the other side of the
My Frog Prince,
and if you come here, I
promise I shall kiss thee,
wear thy golden crown.

I’m tired of being human
or leprechaun,
though I have walked upon
the sweet green grass of earth,
the blades are dripping red
with blood from my feet
soaking clouds in my hair
raining in
Melancholy’s air.

I have sat long enough at the minstrel’s fair,
Ye Damsel, Ye Olde Tavern,
singing in a sweet dark wine staining my lips,
already drunk in a hearty ale,
empty vessel
I am lonely and
green enough
to love these warts and all,
to jump in, ancient.

Copyright © 2006 by Anna Ruiz

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