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by Jerry Wright


This starts out from a comment made by Ásgrímur Hartmannson on the forum, and then rapidly deteriorates. Back in a bit..

Okay, back now...

The comment was--

Life and death of a civilisation:
Civilisation crops up. Civilisation grows in prosperity due to hard work and superior intellect. Ásgrímur Hartmannsson gets accused of being an elitist and a nazi for pointing this fact out. Civilisation no longer has people who want to do all the boring dirtywork, so they enslave the surrounding peoples. (today this is known as "outsourcing"). Civilisation forms an elite that rules the slaves. An elite is only a part of a civilisation. The slaves are plentiful. The elite has no time to care for children. The elite knows how to avoid childbirth. (this is called planned childbirth or birth-control. The women in ancient times had ways...). The elite dies out. The slaves continue, taking the place of the departed. A golden age when everything was better is remembered when it becomes obvious that the slaves really are lesser minds, equal only in cruelty.

This is why humanity isn't super intelligent.

Anyway, decadence comes from when super rich people don't have time to tend to their offspring, being too busy running their little empires. The offspring thusly don't learn anything, just lounge around, living off their parents. And how do their children behave? Ah! Not well. The third generation usually sinks everything. They do it with the fishing industry here. I know. I have seen it.

I too have seen this, and the bizarre thing is that it applies to others than the "super-rich". This also seems to apply to immigrants, both legal and illegal.

One of the "allow-the-illegals-to-stay" talking points is that "these undocumented workers (pc-speak for illegals) are here doing work that native-born citizens won't do. And that they work really hard. This is a combination of truths and falsehoods. Obviously, they are willing to work for way less than citizens will work for, and as such are preferred, because they save employers money. Of course when hundreds of them use the same poor lady's social security number, this causes problems.

Curiously, Mexico is being invaded by illegal aliens who come in and take jobs away from Mexicanos, again it is said "doing jobs the citizens won't do." Yeah right. That makes sense. Of course, the Mexican government is working overtime to deport these illegals, many of whom are shuttled over the border and dumped in the US. Wunnerful.

Anyway, these "first generation illegals" work hard and send much of their money back home. And they have kids. The second generation in too many cases become worthless, join gangs, and want the good things of Western Civilization without working for them, and sadly, end up impoverished mentally and spiritually, and by the time the third generation comes by, being a slacker and a drain on society is all they know.

And yet, there are ever so many Americans of Mexican descent whose parents came legally, and who are fine, contributing members of society. And many of them are angry because of the disrepute brought upon them by the illegals.

Ásgrímur also makes the comment about those emigrating to another country; they should take up the culture of that country. Agreed. We look at the cultural enclaves in France, in Sweden, in England, and in the US, and realize that Balkanization is not limited to the Balkans, and the world created in Robert A. Heinlein's novel I Will Fear No Evil is looking more prophetic all the time (No matter that the story itself is a stinkeroo...)

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