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Challenge 202

Sewing Patches

  1. In Edward Burger’s “Attached to Animals,” what purpose does the tiger episode serve? Is it necessary? Too long? Just right?

  2. In Leighton Connor’s “Ross Fulton’s Shattered Soul,” which scenes or exchanges are comic and which aren’t? Why?

  3. In P. S. Gifford’s “The House Call,” why hasn’t Mrs. Higgins been investigated and arrested long before the doctor arrrives on the scene?

  4. In Gary Inbinder’s “Good Eating,” why do the natives not eat the combat rations? Are they really using them as bait?

  5. In Steven C. Levi’s “Kid Cockroach,” apply the law of scale models: how fast could a giant “zebu” cockroach really scuttle? How would it have to be redesigned?

  6. In Marilynn M. Wilkins’ “Three Nights, Three Men, Three Dreams,” what do the three main parts of the story have to do with each other?

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