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What’s in Issue 202

Novella General Aezubah’s army has defeated at great cost the forces of the rebel wizard Yagdish. King Harish’s ingratitude seems to know no bounds, but Aezubah can bide his time, restrain his loyal troops, and let events unfold as they will:Slawomir Rapala, Of Tyrants and Gods, part 3; part 4
People become emotionally attached to their pets, but what if someone became literally attached to animals? That might not be as nice: Edward Burger, Attached to Animals, part 1; conclusion.

A nefarious adversary has distilled away part of occult detective Ross Fulton’s soul. Fulton finds that hard to swallow: Leighton Connor, Ross Fulton’s Shattered Soul, part 1; conclusion.

You know that any story beginning with “It was a dark and stormy night” is going to end the same way. But maybe not for Mrs. Higgins and Mr. Carrington: P. S. Gifford, The House Call.

Stephen White visits Mexico and finds himself married to the girl of his dreams... in his dreams: J. B. Hogan, Humidifier, part 1; part 2; conclusion.

Why eat combat rations when you can use them to lure a tastier dish? Gary Inbinder, Good Eating.

Who needs horses when a giant cockroach is a chicken-herding boy’s best friend? Steven C. Levi, Kid Cockroach.

New contributor Marilynn M. Wilkins has Beatrice stay at an old hotel where she meets three authors of her dreams: Three Nights, Three Men, Three Dreams, part 1; conclusion.
You say life is one big puzzle and you just can’t solve it? What if it were a jigsaw puzzle, and the pieces changed shape? John Hawfield, The Puzzle.

New contributor Bill West asks what’s the use when people can see through you? Transparent.
Poetry Doug Pugh, Clocktower Winds
Anna Ruiz, Languid Cat Dreams
John Stocks, Timeless


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Bill West and Marilynn M. Wilkins.
The Critics’
Slawomir Rapala writes about Stanislaw Lem and Polish Science Fiction.
Challenge Challenge 202 tries Sewing Patches.
Letters Prakash Kona writes about The Banquet of Variety.
Laurie Seidler writes about Referrals.
E. S. Strout writes about Good Company
Lewayne L. White writes about The Quarterly Review.
The Art
A randomly rotating selection of Bewildering Stories’ art
The Reading
Danielle L. Parker reviews John Scalzi, The Ghost Brigades.
Jerry Wright reviews Bruce Sterling, Visionary in Residence.
Editorial Jerry Wright, Rant

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