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Novels Fluff Fourfangs connives his way to supreme power in Kannis city, but with young Phydo Bones and Rover Quicknose, Fluff is dealing with something bigger than his political machinations: Roberto Sanhueza Katts and Dawgs: A Matter of Faith, part 1; part 2.

Dr. Emory Black is one of the few survivors of the attack on the Death Valley base. For his trouble, his memory will be probed for information about Operation New Frontier: Danielle L. Parker, Mad World Band, chapter 10.
Clifford is in love with Zondra Amazon, and all it takes is a bookmole to bring her to life, although in a somewhat... narrow... perspective: Colin P. Davies, Clifford and the Bookmole, part 1; conclusion.

New contributor Ricky Ginsburg shows that space explorers had better have their first-contact protocol in shape ahead of time, just in case aliens land close to, say, Apollo 11: Loss of Signal, part 1; conclusion.

What do you do when your planet-buster bombs get all sentient on you? Alan Jackson, The Retarded Bomb.

Jack follows his love, Kimber, into the artists’ colony, but his foray is forbidden by the dread Madrigal: Luke Jackson, Inside the Artists’ Colony, part 1; conclusion.

Rick Vargo sets out on a perilous mission under the streets of the city: S. Michael Leier, The Skull Hunter, 6: The Hunger, part 1; part 2.
New contributor Jeff Crook brings you tomorrow’s news headlines today: Intermission Between the Opening of the Sixth and Seventh Seals.
Poetry New contributor Caroline M. Davies, Writing a Sestina
Alan Jackson, Black Dog Blues
New contributor Suzanne Weichhart, White Garden


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Jeff Crook, Caroline Davies, Ricky Ginsburg, and Suzanne Weichhart.
The Critics’
Rachel Parsons responds to Challenge 196.
Don Webb, Between Science Fiction and Fantasy and Writing Pastiches
Letters C. Meton writes about “Rejections”
The Art
A randomly rotating selection of Bewildering Stories’ art
The Reading
Jerry Wright reviews Beacons of Tomorrow
Editorial Jerry Wright, The Bewildering Stories Writing School

Bewildering Stories News

Updates: Our Reviews page has been brought up to date (thanks for the help, Kate Allen!). At least, we think. We plan to add the novel excerpts, as well, but for that we’ll need the authors’ help. If yours is missing, please notify Ye Copy Editor.

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