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Abbey Bradley

Sometimes we get bio sketches that are short and cryptic. Abbey’s is brief and pays rereading, because it really tells us a lot. Her first love is poetry, and she’s been successful at it. She likes forensic crime stories and Stephen King’s novels. Abbey, you might enjoy a Canadian mystery writer, L. R. Wright. I recommend her novel A Chill Wind in January.

Maybe that and Abbey’s sister explain a lot about “The Accident,” in this issue. Readers will be coming back, scratching their heads, intent on figuring out who, exactly, “Alfred” is and what Dr. Theodore Ferrara is doing. It’s not a cryptic riddle: all the clues are there.

Abbey lives in Pennsylvania, where she is “employed to ‘protect and serve’.” Now, Abbey, does that mean that you have something in common with our resident protector, B J Bourg?

Abbey Bradley’s bio sketch can be found here.

Welcome to Bewildering Stories, Abbey. Please send us some poems and more stories!

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