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I Keep Hopin’

Bob Church

On the streets they call me rain king,
Cuz down I come upon them,
Only need to be in service of my queen,
With lightnin’ strikes, well, it’s all right...

This’a way, c’mon, you’ll see,
it could change real suddenly,
Sorrow backed up against me,
Thunder cracks, it’s all right with me.

Dank dark alleys, broken cobblestone,
Ghost trains clackin’ hard against the rails
Cannon balls fallin’ neath the diesel pop and disappear,
Right down here — how do you do? Yeah, me, too.

It’s all or nothing it would seem, or somethin’ in between,
I can always change my name to something else,
But, when sunshine leaves me shudderin’
I’m not gonna worry about it anymore.

I’ll just disappear, somewhere away from here,
You can call for me or curse me free,
She climbs aboard ’cuz it’s cold where she comes from,
Nowhere else to go — any port in a storm — you know.

It’s all or nothing it would seem, but it doesn’t bother me.
Sometimes just a memory remains, but how do you do?
My friend assures me, so I’m not really worried,
Not even overly concerned, but I wish I could stop shakin’.

If this is love then I’m not worried, but it’s really not that easy
When I think about the consequences of What If It’s Not...
I’m not tossin’ or turnin’, freezin’ or burnin’, forgettin’ or learnin’,
It’s good for everybody to love somebody once in awhile. How do you do?

Everything’s different, these days.

Copyright © 2006 by Bob Church

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