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Favorites from issues 176-188

I really like:

Thomas R. Willits’ “Why do Willows Weep” Strangely that one still “haunts” me. Every time I think about it, it makes me think all the more — if that makes sense.

That makes a lot of sense to me, Clyde!

“Dragon Scales” by Slawomir Rapala. That was one of my printed out ones that sit amongst my ever increasing pile of BwS stories. I pull it regularly from the pile and re-read it often.

I like the way the dragon is characterized. It never says a word, but we learn how it must feel about its predicament. And the way the dragon intervenes at the end and yet maintains its dignity is simply perfect.

I just couldn’t go past Katts and Dawgs by Roberto Sanhueza. Sheer joy reading those. Another on my printed out pile.

Agreed... What I like is that the characters are good-hearted and yet interesting. Even the “bad guys” are misguided rather than cardboard villains, and the “good guys” seek justice, not retribution.

Thanks for the feedback, Clyde! I hope others respond, as well.


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