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For You Will Light My Candle

Carmen Ruggero

For You will light my candle... — Psalm 18:28

And when despair, like a dark prophecy
thrusts its power through my very soul;
fills my mind with its evil poesy
a rhyme of sorrow as black as coal,
will it be You, I ask, my tongue shall troll?
I sometimes fear to lack Daniel’s vision.
I know it’s doubt holds me captive; a shame,
but such warmth, such light I can’t envision
Christians mock me with righteous derision
And I struggle as I lift a prayer
to let Daniel’s words strike with precision;
he saw You fly upon the wings of air,
but should dark sorrow set my heart aflame,
I wonder Father: will I call Your name?

Copyright © 2006 by Carmen Ruggero

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