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Rummy Park, 25

by Rebecca Lu Kiernan

It unnerves me when I come home at 5:45
And the color of the beach sky is such
The apricot cream of my copper roof
That it’s hard to see where one ends
And the other begins.
It reminds me the trouble I have
Seeing the difference between
What is mine
And what (so comically)
Is quite beyond my reach.
I just close my eyes
And stumble with the key,
Jab it till it fits somewhere.
That’s when the wreathed door creaks ajar
And I find you in butterscotch walls
And leather chairs of sea foam green,
Rare black orchids in a sea shell vase,
That unassuming face
That, as I stumble.
Seems to fit my hands.

Copyright © 2006 by Rebecca Lu Kiernan

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