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by Graciela Inés Lorenzo Tillard


Subtly, slightly, the void shivers. A brightness grows up into a hazy vertical line that strengthens to become a clumsy spindle of cold and blue glistening with a granular, vibrant light. Condensed thunder peals and explodes, announcing the opening of the light’s vertical lips. The other void inhabitant inside lies nude.

A sphere rolls out, vomited by an immense and terrible being. The mouth closes. The ball changes form, squeezing itself into a solid surface that shoots up and stretches. It sits up and turns around, looking for... Eve?

The Shadow

It put its hands against a wall and hid its head. Slowly it straightened out, shaken. It lifted its arms and shook them in an impotent gesture. It crawled over the stones, painfully, up to the ledge. Finally it stood up, victorious. The void was claiming it, and it answered:, “There I go.”

The moon moved behind a cloud so the shadow wouldn’t die.


He desires as fears open his eyes. He feels something moving around. A tape... No, a spiral hinders his vision. She appears finally from nowhere, suggestive and vertical: silky arms, enormous eyes, voluptuous mouth... and a song in her ineffable voice: “I will be yours till death do us part." Her waist waves with the waves, and her feet... Then he knows she will fullfill the promise.


She falls on her knees with a silky murmur and without courage, pressing her small hands against her eyes. She has brought infamy to her family and doesn’t hope for forgiveness. Slowly she crouches down until her hair touches the tiles. She cannot cry. She prays to Heaven to put an end to her miserable life.

Enola Gay, in the sky, is about to fulfill her desire.

Copyright © 2006 by Graciela Inés Lorenzo Tillard

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