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The Second Bewildering Stories Contest is now under way !
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Novel For young Skoshi, the spaceship Journeyman is literally a home away from home. Skoshi babysits a pair of enfants terribles and then hears of another ship that’s in far worse trouble: Katherine Allen, Skoshi, part 7; part 8; part 9.
Serial New contributor Donald Schneider portrays a man who comes with bad news and good news for 12-year old Bobby Schultz. The hard part is finding a way to talk to the boy: Pride’s Prison, part 1; part 2.
New contributor Colin P. Davies introduces a hitchhiking tourist couple from outer space: The Thing from The Thing from Another World.

Bennie searches for a partner at an advanced on-line dating service: Hungry Guy, Bennie Downloads Marya, part 1; conclusion.

Harry Lang launches a sailing ship on a poetic voyage across the ocean of a strange world toward The Mountains of the Eldritch Sea.

Next time you play a new computer game, first make sure it really is a game — and that it will let you quit: Sally Quilford, Network.

Even if you’re not a werewolf, you’d better have your documents in order: Slawomir Rapala, Odd Patient.
Poetry Thomas D. Reynolds, New Book
Carmen Ruggero, That Gaudy Red Hat
Article New contributor Mark Finn has kindly shared with us a scholarly article about a famous early author of fantasy and westerns: Texas as Character in Robert E. Howard’s Fiction, part 1; conclusion.
Essays G. David Schwartz proves that waiting in a doctor’s waiting room can be very colorful when you’re not In the Waiting Room.

What movies would you really like to see? Or not, as the case may be: Steven Utley, Another Dream Movie.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Colin P. Davies and Mark Finn.
Challenge Challenge 181 examines a few Subtleties.
Letters Kevin Ahearn writes about The 2005 SF Awards.
Richard Maguire writes about Jane Jacobs’ Dark Age Ahead.
Some contributors write about Bluegrass and Editing.
The Art
A randomly rotating selection of Bewildering Stories’ art
The Reading
Danielle L. Parker reviews Paul J. Nahin, Time Travel.
Editorial Jerry Wright, Death by Server

Bewildering Stories News

Caine Prize: Bewildering Stories has submitted Bolaji Odofin’s story “Apeteshi,” in issue 180, for the Caine Prize for African Writing. Best of luck, Bolaji !

Down time: Our apologies for issue 180’s extended time off line last week as well as to our contributors for the difficulty in accessing files for preview in issue 181. It had to do with the website’s migration to a new server with the latest, up-to-datest software. Issue 180 will be headlined and linked on our home page along with issue 181 this week. We now have yet another unofficial motto: “Please activate all talismans of good fortune at your disposal. Voodoo optional.”

Contest 2: The Contest continues apace; submissions are posted as soon as possible after receipt. New feature: since the titles are listed in alphabetical order, the visited links now appear in a lighter shade of green than the titles of stories you haven’t read yet. We hope this makes it more convenient for you to keep up with Contest 2.

Update: Ray Cummings’ novel from 1919, The Girl in the Golden Atom, has been completely reformatted in our modern style for your reading pleasure. The table of contents can be found in Special Features.

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