Bewildering Stories

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Insight Erasure

by John Edward Lawson

French classes broke out during an afternoon eruption
of eucalyptus oil anonymously identified as "lazy."
Yes, I do think that's bizarre, in an improved,
healthy kind of way.

Caustic substances scolded Scotland
Yard baffled in bereavement, cemented in
what was meant once, twice; resembling a complimentary
sample which was "involved"--so to speak--with cowardice
and the coward's ice and, really, why

should a tour guide have pictures of prostitutes
on the cover? I thought it was odd
when the service was awful, perhaps a bad day aghast.

No efficiency.

A French toll of 305 was reported in East Delhi
today, Ted Koppel said while finally self-flagellating
and declaring that "we don't accept cash!"

Let him on, the train has already burned.
Prostitutes cuddled the unwanted lovechildren
born of the complimentary sample and the cowardice,
oozing caustic lessons

from lesions of imperialistic grandeur
(those French classes finally paid off).


Copyright © 2002 by John Edward Lawson