Bewildering Stories

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Cable TB

by John Edward Lawson

stricken by purple-lipped erectile
pining I delighted in the mirage
allowing another step to be taken
to vote on the floor of localized
tourism pledging its allegiance
to national prime-time spots

schisms erupted by auto-erotic strangulation
threatened to upgrade to category four
through false addition, the methodology
of addiction--to a smiling face
be damned through string bean teeth
(eternity means nothing when you're shucking corn)

add gravy! the ensemble doesn't work
without lumpy fat and flour
to vivisect at will/to call
home where the fart is (you brute)
and I can feel the distinct sting
of humiliation waiting in the wings

consumption lodges another lump of lung
in the feeding tube, allowing no room
for pork to cruise through flesh channels
to be deranged in one final act
with no lines, no actors, only a colorful
rage, delightful and weeping having taken

its last step


Copyright © 2002 by John Edward Lawson