Bewildering Stories

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Read This Before You Get One Day Balder!

by John Edward Lawson

Scene 10: colored with no meaning
Scene 7: didactic aneurysms rule the day
Scene 1: person tells themselves they are "sick"
[for the purpose of amusement]

Scene 5: intermission
Scene 4: Sick Person visits doctor who is not Nostrodamus

Scene 11: sneezing
Scene 8: Sick Person manages to turn own tongue into dental floss
[for the purpose of hygiene]
Scene 10: gratuitous snickering
Opening credits: I feel fine

Closing credits: I swear an oath from beyond the grave [casting call]
Scene 32: Sick Person fails to convince
himself [internalized dialogue
and yes I do believe in mutual exclusivity]


Copyright © 2002 by John Edward Thomas.