Bewildering Stories

Issue 168

Readers’ Guide: What’s in issue 168

Serial Slawomir Rapala, Dreamtime, part 3; conclusion
Lou Antonelli, The Queen of Guilty Pleasures, part 1; conclusion
James Finn, The Alpha and Omega Device, part 1; conclusion
Daniel Hardwick, Flowers at Dragon’s Pool
D. A. Madigan, The Eldritch Horror From Beyond the Nether Void
L. Roger Quilter, The Typo
Robert L. Sellers, Jr., Dead Speak, part 1; conclusion
Mary King, The Monster Tree
Essay S. Dale, Moamrath: the Ghost Writer, Collaborator and Editor


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Daniel Hardwick
Challenge Challenge 168: Don’t look under the bed
Letters Bob Sellers asks about Separator placement
The Reading
Jerry Wright reviews Audie A. Murphy’s Star City
Editorial Jerry Wright, Spinning in Place

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