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Bewildering Stories Editorial

by Steven Utley

Perspicacious Pursuit®

I hate Trivial Pursuit®. There, I’ve said it. Call me a snob, call me a pointy-headed pseudo-intellectual, but the mere thought of sitting around at a party with a bunch of nominal adults and trying to answer questions about old rock ‘n’ roll tunes, ancient television shows, and Precambrian sports events makes me want to rub myself all over with broken glass.

I know there must be others like me who resent being called party-poopers just because they don’t feel like idling away their idle time in this manner, and, so, I am issuing the call: it’s time the nation’s deep thinkers counterattacked with


Yes, Perspicacious Pursuit® is the party game for people who want to wrestle with meatier riddles than, “Who were Herman’s Hermits?” and, “Who’s buried in Grant’s Tomb?” Now you can clear your mind of intellect-debasing ephemera and pack it instead with wholesome and nutritious food for thought!

Think of the immense personal satisfaction that will be yours as you frame informed and articulate answers to such perennial posers as

“What did Jung mean when he wrote of the need to individuate, that is, to harmonize the opposing elements of one’s personality in order to accept the psychic collective?”

Imagine the impression you’ll make on family members and friends as you lecture them about

The Meaning of Life!

Imagine how downright smug you’ll feel as you confound your enemies by discoursing on

The Absurdity of Being

Imagine the swathe you’ll cut through college girls with high I.Q.s and low morals as you come to grips with

The Imponderability of Non-Being!

Don’t be a sap who wallows in pap! Resist the tyranny of the trivial! Get PERSPICACIOUS PURSUIT® — and get smart — today!

Copyright © 2005 by Steven Utley

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