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E-Books Redux

by Jerry Wright

Well, now that I've had some time to play with my EB-1150 let me get into some of the really nice things I like about this reader.

People send me manuscripts to read, either for editing purposes, or to be reviewed. In the past, this meant I was either tied to the computer for long periods of time, or I had the "privilege" of printing out 300 pages or so of a DOC file to drag along with me so that I could read the manuscript when I had the time. That time is NOW PAST! Wahoo!

The EBOOKWISE Reader accepts DOC files, RTF, HTML, Rocketbook and native "IMP" files. I'd been chipping away at a mystery/SF novel sent by a BWS reader, which will be published in a couple of months (Blind Traveler Down A Dark River). I'd only gotten into it about 3 chapters, when I got my EB-1150. I uploaded the DOC file to my personal (and private) holding space on EBOOKWISE.COM, and from there downloaded it to the reader. Wow, what a difference. I now held in my hand a realio-trulio e-book. I read the story in great gulps. I took it with me to breakfast, read it when I had a break, and just consumed it. The story is fun and well-written. But the "job" of reviewing it went from a chore to a pleasure thanks to the reader.

My fellow editors!!! If you get your stories as electronic submissions, this is the ONLY way to fly. And guess what? You can electronically dog-ear pages, you can literally mark up text, hi-light and make notes, and use it for all sorts of editorial-type purposes. I love it, and will be using it a bunch. Also...

Sometimes I would get tired of holding it in my left hand. No problem. 5 seconds later I had the orientation flipped and could hold the unit in my right hand. And then, change it back.

In my "copious free time" (tm) I'm going to download the html for BwS and see how THAT turns out. Sigh.

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