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an open-ended “contest”

Chapter 23 of Julian Lawler’s Battle Seer ends with the note “continuation pending,” because the story is not over; Julian says he has enough material for 16 other installments. However, we’ve presented all we have.

Do not despair, ye fans of Palance, Andina, Father Rayul, Ian Dihn, the Light Bearers, mages and wise-women: you’re invited to a virtual party. We invite you, our readers — as a kind of super-Challenge — to write a concluding chapter to Battle Seer. Julian has expressed a keen interest in what others might come up with. And I’ve suggested that he offer the winners a prize, such as an acting role in the movie version! We shall see.

The “contest” has a few simple rules:

  1. Write a conclusion to Battle Seer based on what has appeared in Bewildering Stories between issues 118 and 144. For the table of contents, you can refer to Julian’s bibliography, as you can with almost all our authors.

  2. You may imitate Julian’s style, if you wish, but you’re encouraged to write in your own voice. All we ask is that your chapter bring Battle Seer to a conclusion of some sort. It can be anything you like: a “happily ever after” ending, comedy, farce, tragedy, or a medieval-fantasy Armageddon.

  3. Please include any two of the original characters — or more, if you wish — in the concluding chapter. You may introduce new characters, if you really find it necessary.

  4. The chapter should be at least 1,000 words in length (i.e. no flash fiction) and no more than 9,000 words (i.e. no serials).

  5. The “contest” is open-ended; it has no formal closing date. Send your entries to Ye Copy Editor. He will forward them to Julian with copies to Ye Editor and the Editorial board. Entries that are accepted for publication will appear in regular issues, possibly in a special Department category. As for the “winner,” well, Julian will decide who goes to Hollywood. Actually I’m kidding about that, but you never know where these things may lead...

As we give a parting salute to Battle Seer, we welcome Michael E. Lloyd’s Observation One to the senior rank in the Novels category. It will be followed, in issue 145, by euhal allen’s continuation of The Bridge. Farewell and hail.

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The discussion may be continued and is open to all.
Please feel free to join in!

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