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What’s in Issue 143

Novels Ivan Lustcrow meets the ghost and learns of his own relationship with the dremions and the hundred knights: Julian Lawler, Battle Seer, chapter 21: The Hundredth Knight, part 1 ; part 2.

‘Quo discovers the depths of political disagreement and dissembling within the EU, and inspires Jean-Christophe to gather more essential data. Toni is just interested in re-discovering everything the great city has to offer’: Michael E. Lloyd, Observation One: Singing of promises... chapter 22: Paris, France, part 2.
Novella Jeb Stuart, Lily and their children prosper in the cattle business; then war brings heroism from unexpected sources: Norman A. Rubin, Hallelujah, part 4; conclusion.
The soul-collecting demon, Chuck, really dislikes his job. But chocolate is one of its few compensating amenities: Beverly Forehand, Acquisitions.

New contributor Greg Schatz portrays an artist and performer who is reborn for the fourth time in the Church of Impenetrable Ethereality: Odonata, part 1; conclusion.
New contributor Sergio Bayona depicts a kindly, ecology-minded gentleman who takes his granddaughter on a time-travel excursion: Grandfather’s Trip.

New contributor David Marshall takes a jaundiced view of royal pomp. He also demonstrates why monarchs dub knights with a sword: to remind them who’s boss! Of Noble Blood.
Poetry Orkeldors know they’ve met their match when confronted with bears and angry honeybees: C. Meton, The Orkeldor, part 5.

In wartime, friendship with an enemy can go only so far: Thomas D. Reynolds, I Know You Can Hear Me.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Sergio Bayona, David Marshall and Greg Schatz.
The Critics’
D. A. Madigan’s “Positive,” with D. A. Madigan
Danielle L. Parker’s “The Thief of Joy and Light,” with Michael J A Tyzuk
Challenge Challenge 143 asks what is a complete story: Untold Tales.
Letters Stan Gildersleeve writes about “Gained in Translation.”
The Reading
Jörn Grote reviews Andreas Eschbach’s The Carpet Makers.

Jerry Wright reviews Steven Baxter’s Exultant
Editorial Jerry Wright, Reading Electronically

In Times to Come

News brief: The “pseudomonth” titles in the issue indexes are evolving into something new and strange. Title riddles are fun but difficult to concoct, let alone solve; now we’re trying pop quizzes on quotations. This issue’s was contributed by Ian Arbuckle. Feel free to send in your own ideas.

Guidelines: remember your audience; you want to reach as many readers as possible. The quote may be memorable, pithy or funny, but above all it should be short. And the author should be well known to general readers of science fiction or fantasy. Give the source of the quote and two plausible “distractor” options. Contributors will be acknowledged here.

In issue 144

Julian Lawler, Battle Seer, chapter 22 “A Knife in the Foot”
chapter 23 “The Bully’s Pet”
Michael E. Lloyd, Observation One, chapter 22 “Paris, France” part 3
Novella: Tala Bar, “Sacrifice” part 1
Serial: Jörn Grote, “Left Behind” part 1
Short stories:
Kevin Ahearn, “Thigh of the Beholder”
Gareth D. Jones, “Devotion”
Danielle L. Parker, “Lucretia’s New Mattress”
Flash fiction: Charles Richard Laing, “The Pageant”
C. Meton, “The Orkeldor” conclusion
Thomas D. Reynolds, “A Planet Without Hope”

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