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Novels A party of five flees the zombie-terrorized village. Lost the mountains, they discover that king Alias wants Palance and them dead or alive: Julian Lawler, Battle Seer, chapter 19: Ghost Seeker.

‘The atmosphere is now rather chilly between Toni and Carla, but Quo is delighted with Raymond’s early achievements and can now despatch him on a truly epic quest’: Michael E. Lloyd, Observation One: Singing of promises... chapter 21: Empowerment Sphere.
Novellas Captain Blunt will need to dab on some perfume in order to slip into the temple of Lziren and get dumped into the serpent god’s corpse pit: Danielle L. Parker, The Thief of Joy and Light, part 4.

Jeb and his uncle Ebenezer tour the west, selling snake oil and tracts both nice and naughty. Then someone offers Jeb adventure of a new and different kind: Norman A. Rubin, Hallelujah, part 2.
While slurping frosty Venusian milkshakes, far-future scientists look at the Pyramids in an entirely new light: time-traveling space aliens had brought the ancient Egyptians 20th-century technology based on a radically new principle: Deep Bora, Mars Connection, part 1; conclusion.

A little girl makes bouquets of paper flowers to comfort her parents and relatives, true fleurs du mal she knows not of: D. A. Madigan, Positive.

New contributor Frederick G. Soper tells of an old adventurer who likes to reminisce... in mixed genres: Space Ranger.
New contributor Doug Hiser depicts the helplessness of a person trapped at home by a menace circling ever closer: The Shark in My Backyard.
Poetry The woods are lovely, bright and... dangerous: C. Meton, The Orkeldor, part 3.

Trade carries a price: Aryan Kaganof, The Trade.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Doug Hiser and Frederick G. Soper.
Challenge Challenge 141: Ice in Egypt
The Reading
Jörn Grote reviews Jonathan Lethem’s The Wall of the Sky, the Wall of the Eye.
Jerry Wright reviews Edward M. Lerner’s Moonstruck.
Editorial Visiting The Monkeyhouse

In Times to Come

Title riddle: Issue 140’s title was harder than I expected. Mike Lloyd persevered and, as usual, was the only one to decipher it: “Old Man River.” There is no riddle this week; this issue’s title is straight up.

In issue 142

News brief: More like a correction. Julian Lawler’s Battle Seer doesn’t end with chapter 20; three more chapters were bundled in one file, and the second one wasn’t titled. The good news: we get more Battle Seer. The bad news: it doesn’t have an ending. Julian, we hope you’re cranking on a conclusion even as we speak! The Critics’ Corner offers some ideas in issue 140. We’ll be glad to forward any suggestions from our readers. Hopefully we’ll get some we can post in a future Critics’ Corner.

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