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An Extra Helping of Interesting Technobabble

Programming and Problem Solving with C++ by Nell Dale, Chip Weems, and Mark Headington

P.J. Grabthar

My first impression upon seeing this book was "Ugh." After reading it, my impression was still "Ugh." Interesting at times, but it mostly evades comprehension for some reason.

This book jumps around. So you'd better go catch it! Heh heh. Eh. Lame joke. Sorry.

Anyway, it's horrible. It lacks organization and just doesn't have a plot. And the characterization is not very deep, not to mention absent. I mean, I still don't know who the protagonist is!

Really, I don't recommend this. 1,155 pages of rubbish.

Copyright 2002 by P.J. Grabthar.