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Vita, Vanitas

by Aryan Kaganof


I keep on waking up in somebody else’s life
Who I am today
Has no relation to
Who I will be tomorrow
There is no continuity

This morning I woke up in a commune
Left wingers

Yesterday I was a bald gangster with a goatee
IQ of 9
Selling bad drugs to ugly NNP refugees

There’s lots of variety in my lifestyle
But it’s very difficult to take out life insurance
Whose life?


I was born at 2am
On the morning of 9 march 1964
In the South Rand Hospital in Johannesburg
I weighed 10 and a half pounds
And had club feet
Which were operated on when I was eight days old
As was my penis
Which had the front part lopped off
With a razor blade
In order to prevent me
From having

Copyright © 2004 by Aryan Kaganof

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