Bewildering Stories

Aboard the S.S. Octanic

Issue 117

Readers’ Guide: What’s in issue 117

Novel Tala Bar, Gaia, chapter 8: The Valley,
  part III, installment 1
Serials Kris Barton, Agent of Chaos, part 2
Omar E. Vega, A Distant Island, part 1
Deep Bora, Once Upon a Time There Was Korea
David P. Fraser, Apologize, Apologize
Nicolás Padrón, Thirteen
Byron Bailey, Encounter in the Sands


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes...
  David P. Fraser and Nicolás Padrón
Challenge Challenge 117: So that’s what it’s like...
The Reading
Jerry Wright reviews Kenneth Oppel’s Airborn
Editorial Jerry Wright, Tout de même

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