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What’s in Issue 117

Novel The party of explorers discovers the ancient source of their disturbing dreams. Lilit is obliged to reveal a special talent of hers in order to help Nunez and Dar, who must deal with their own special form of guilt: Tala Bar, Gaia, chapter 8: The Valley, part III, installment 1.
Serials The Indictor interrogates Ziekiel about the assassination of a Layzarian general, and the judge arrives abruptly at a verdict: Kris Barton, Agent of Chaos, part 2.

Omar E. Vega depicts the problem of human colonies far-flung throughout a sphere of interstellar space: they can’t visit each other in a reasonable span of time. But maybe, just maybe, they can telephone... A Distant Island, part 1.
Fans of Deep Bora will savor his interplanetary fruit-juice cocktails. But time travelers from the year 4616, in an alternate Solar System, bring a grim warning from our year 2006: Once Upon a Time There Was Korea.

New contributor David P. Fraser proves an old saying, that Man is superior to animals only in his kindness to them: Apologize, Apologize.

New contributor Nicolás Padrón paints a sensual picture of a Havana street scene where a blind lottery vendor is approached by a customer who wants number 13. Does one seek fortune, or does it seek us? Thirteen.
Byron Bailey joins Tala Bar, Deep Bora and David Fraser by forcefully rounding out a theme of this issue: Encounter in the Sands.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes David P. Fraser and Nicolás Padrón.
Challenge Challenge 117 warns against a fatal handshake: So that’s what it’s like...
The Reading
Jerry Wright reviews Kenneth Oppel’s Airborn.
Editorial Tout de même

In Times to Come

In the last issue we said that the cycle of new contributors seemed to have run its course for the moment. That was true at the time, and it was intended as a reverse jinx. Sure enough, it worked: we have two new contributors in this issue and more on the way. Meanwhile, we plan to feature return visits by euhal allen, Byron Bailey, Julian Lawler and Thomas R. And we’ll save one or two openings as a surprise.

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