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“Why didn’t we think of this earlier?” A series of coincidences arising from an e-mail discussion has brought our attention to a very readable, illustrated page on hexaflexagons. An editor’s note, with links, has been appended to Cecilia Wennerström’s “Hexaflexagon 8191” in issue 101.

If any of our contributors live in the mid-South, they may qualify for the Memphis Science Fiction Association’s Darrell Award (see News extra, issue 110). Our first nominee was Kenneth Mark Hoover’s “Engines of Manta-Geth,” which may qualify on the basis of the author’s county of residence. We’ve also suggested Gregory Hansen’s “Return of the King,” in issue 109 and Gerald E. Sheagren’s “It was Elvis!” in issue 46, both of which may qualify on the basis of... well... Elvis.

We seem to have exhausted our seemingly inexhaustible fund of poems by Steven Utley. That is indeed sad; we’ve become fond of Steven’s brightening our cosmic and quotidian visions all in the same poem. However, Steven’s fans can find solace as well as a challenge to their own talents at a new on-line project: the Oxford English Dictionary in Limerick Form. Remember, we accept simultaneous submissions!

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