Bewildering Stories

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by Charles Richard Laing

The long quest was finally at an end. After destroying the Ring by tossing it into the fire, the triumphant hero and his faithful companion resigned themselves to death as the world crumbled around them. They held each other. They made peace with their fate.

It was not to be, however. From out of the sky came eagles that carried them away to safety. Exhausted, the hero closed his eyes.

When he opened them again, he was surrounded by faces he had never expected to gaze upon again. The two merry pranksters from his home town. The wizard. The dwarf. The elf. The ranger turned king. All smiled at him.

One face was noticeably absent.

“Where is my faithful companion?” the hero asked. They all looked away. There was sadness in the air. Finally, the wizard spoke.

“The eagles flew a great distance to save you. When they were done, they were quite hungry...”

Copyright © 2004 by Charles Richard Laing

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