Bewildering Stories

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Bewildering Stories Editorial

Letters and Such
by Jerry Wright

Well, I've calmed down a bit now. Although what I wrote last week still stands, and I recommend a new site which will help to get your blood boiling, if it isn't already. The Underground History of American Education. This site and book, along with Jane Jacobs' new book Dark Age Ahead cause one furiously to think.

Well never mind. Every thing is for the best in this best of all possible worlds. Right?

Moving on, we got a neat letter. We've been asked to nominate any stories we've published which might meet the criteria of the Darrell Awards. For more information, see Don's News addendum here.

Steve Shrewsbury wants us to mention his new novel Godforsaken so I will. Steve has sent us a number of well-written horror-type stories, so this is the least we can do.

So... And goodnight.


Copyright © 2004 by Jerry Wright for Bewildering Stories

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