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  1. This issue sets a record, if memory serves, by welcoming four new contributors. And there are more to come in the near future.

  2. Several new link exchanges have been received. Our Links page has been redesigned to accommodate them. When and if we get any more exchanges, we may have to repackage the whole page.

  3. Our Biographies and Bibliographies section has grown apace with our new contributors. One problem: it’s difficult to keep up with the bibliographies. As we’ve said, we need our contributors’ help. Please check your Bewildering Stories biography to see if your bibliography is up to date. If it isn’t, please send us a reminder with the missing titles and their issue numbers. And please don’t be modest about it: that’s not self-promotion, it’s just good housekeeping!

  4. Our Second Anniversary Retrospectives pass the halfway point in this issue. We’re sure that some titles on those lists really jump out at our veteran readers. As a final fireworks display, Jerry and I will list the “Editors’ Choices for Year 2” in the various categories. Now is the time to start lobbying for your own favorites. You can use the “Contact” link in the menu to let us know what they are. However, reserve the right to change your mind: Bewildering Stories started off its second year very well, but it really went nova in the second half.

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