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Challenge 106

Please read Donald Sullivan’s “Goolies,” conclusion, first.

Resolving a Standoff

At the end of “Goolies,” Josh goes into Transcendent mode as three ghouls approach him in the bus station. His two remaining friends are outnumbered and try to blend in with the crowd of living people.

The “ghosts” have learned how to fight the “goolies” and win or at least hold them to a standoff. But what can Mark and Julie do now that Josh is gone? Can they find safety in their limbo-like existence?

The Challenge is to imagine and, hopefully, suggest a continuation to “Goolies.” Will ghouls rule the afterlife by sheer force of numbers and their new-found powers? Will Mark and Julie be able to form a resistance movement with the help of new arrivals? Or will the “ghosts” have a hitherto unsuspected effect on the “goolies,” one that gives the story a new turn?

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