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Kris Barton

Kris joins our already sizable British contingent among the contributors to Bewildering Stories. A long-time science fiction fan, he’s started up his own website and has ideas of his own to put on paper.

“Neural Net Interface,” in this issue, is Kris’s first contribution. It combines several story ideas in a parody of today’s virus-plagued computer monoculture. The story’s epigraph sums up academic and governmental helplessness in the face of mind-hackers: “For wrist view only.”

While Kris is on the young side as our contributors go, the records set by Katherine Allen and Kristen Tracey seem pretty safe. But we applaud Kris’s ambition and enthusiasm: keep those stories coming; we look forward to hearing from you again early and often!

You can link to Kris’s biographical sketch here.

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