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Byron Bailey

Byron bursts into the pages of Bewildering Stories, knives and axes at the ready. “Stumbling off the Beanstalk,” in this issue, shows how far some people will sink for any cuppa, let alone a decent one. We have to give Byron credit for imagination, a mordant sense of humor and skillful writing in a tense, dramatic style.

Byron is an Oregonian exiled to Indiana. He says he’s looking for work, but with degrees in applied linguistics and teaching English as a second language, I doubt he’ll have too much trouble, all things being equal; those degrees didn’t exist when I was a student, and these days they’re in demand. Best of luck to you, Byron!

And please return early and often. Stories like “Stumbling off the Beanstalk” are headed full speed in one direction: reader addiction!

You can link to Byron’s biographical sketch here.

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