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Second Anniversary Retrospective: issues 61-70

The editors and readers look back fondly on Bewildering Stories’ year II and list titles they think will be of special interest to newcomers. The selections are listed alphabetically by author and title except for some long titles in the short stories. Every title is a link.

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Short Stories
Flash Fiction
Future History
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Novels, Novellas, Serials
Only the initial installments are referenced.
Deep Bora,  Acceleration Jupiter Peace
E.S.P. Revealed Upon Pluto!
Twilight Zone in the Year 4615
Michael J A Tyzuk, Intrusion
Remote Control
Short Stories
Kate Bachus, Twenty Views of Tanforan
Tala Bar, Eyes of Green
Tala Bar, A Night in the Alps
Rick Combs, Teacher
Paul C. Drew, Cheshire
Ásgrímur Hartmannsson, For the Birds
Edmund R. Schubert, Climbing Clouds Again
Gerald Sheagren, Revenge of the Vanquished
Thomas Lee Joseph Smith, Wrong About Dave
Toby Wallis, All Art Aspires To Be Music
Norman A. Rubin, Weapons of Mass Destruction
Roberto Sanhueza, A Fine Day at the Compound
Thomas Lee Joseph Smith, The Non-Texas Chainstore Massacre
Thomas Lee Joseph Smith, A Slander of Solzhenitsyn
Don Webb, The Inadvertent Intervention of the Floon
Flash Fiction
Thomas R.
St. Swithin’s Day
The World Made Wonderful
Paul C. Drew, Whisper, the Nanotech
Thomas R., Ancestors’ Night
Thomas R., Pack Your Bags, Mr. Li
Roberto Sanhueza, I Miss My Face
Future History
Thomas R., The War of the Triple Maries and Its Aftermath
Kate Bachus, SFCon HowTo Deep Bora, Astrology from Then to Now
Gerardo Brandariz on the history of science fiction
Thomas Lee Joseph Smith, Thinking About The Big Valley
Review Articles
Randy Beck reviews Kim Stanley Robinson’s Red Mars
Gerardo Brandariz reflects on A Mirror for Observers
Mel Cartagena reviews Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Andrew May, reviews Melvyn Pettle’s Flowers of the Future
Thomas R. on Wonder Kids in Science Fiction: J. D. Beresford’s The Hampdenshire Wonder, Edgar Pangborn’s A Mirror for Observers

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A Retrospective for issues 71-80 will appear in issue 106.

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